Marco Crupi Master Photographer 
Professional Affiliations: M.Photog PPA, LRPS, RPS, SPSA PSA, MPN MPIO, ASMP

Marco, photographer.

I am based in Southern California. 

I’m Marco Crupi, a SoCal resident and an award winning photographer with over 20 years in the creative sector. In 2012, I founded Nada Mas Photography as a venue to expand and feature my ever growing passion for delivering exceptional photographic experiences. 

My focus is to continuously create, learn and grow to provide a high quality and meaningful image. I take this seriously by earning a Master of Photography Certification  with the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), as well as being a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and leveraging my 20+ years of graphic design and photo retouching experience to produce enhanced and long lasting photographic packages. 

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m enjoying the outdoors and landscapes with my family and two boys. 

Let’s chat! Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your next photography experience.

Feisol Tripod Ambassador. 

Since 2021 I've been an Ambassador at team Feisol! Their products are just amazing. I have been spreading the word since my first tripod: the  FEISOL Tournament Tripod CT-3442 Rapid. It just works! It's tough, it's light (2.5 lbs) and it's always with me when out in the field or even when I shoot in the studio. In that case I add the center column for extra extension and maneuverability. Check out their products! 

I use TAMRAC bags on the road and to travel to and from the studio. Tough, reliable and they protect my gear project in to project out! Please click here to make your purchase which is affiliated with my name. Thank you!

I rely on filters a whole lot because I truly believe that a good photograph starts in camera. Singh-Ray have been in my bag for the longest time. Their products are part of my daily tools on the road and in the studio! To enjoy a 10 % discount on your next purchase, please use discount code CRUPI10   at checkout on the Singh-Ray Filters WEBSITE Thank you!


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